Our Commitment to Access for All

Whether used internally by our teams, or shared with the world, we are committed to building and using products and services that are accessible for everyone.

Evaluating Internal Tools To Build an Inclusive Team

We will carefully evaluating each and every tool used by our internal teams to ensure accessibility standards are met. As we grow, we plan to diversify our team, including those who use AT like screen readers, magnifiers, text-to-speech, braille displays, and all kinds of technology to fit their specific needs and preferences. From management software, to marketing tools, and even communication platforms, we are committed to making every aspect within our team fully inclusive to allow our team members to reach their full potential.

Assessing External Tools To Ensure Access and Engagement by Everyone

From social networks, to learning management systems, we are working diligently to ensure that every piece of content and communication from the Web 3 Texas team is provided in a way that allows every person to access, learn, and engage. We are evaluating platforms, products, and services against the global standards and guidelines to meet this goal and we are taking things one step further to provide multiple methods of engagement to fit each users desired experiences. This could be through providing multiple formats, multiple means of communication, or bringing in various groups to ensure we are not just meeting the guidelines, but surpassing them in innovative and effective ways.

Advocacy Through Discussion, Education, and Teamwork

As we foster relationships, build partnerships, and continue to educate on topics around web 3, we are continuously advocating for those within our network to focus on, and become truly inclusive and accessible. While accessibility may not be a new idea or concept, as web 3 gains traction and stability, we believe it is an essential component to the next stage of the digital world. Web 2 is slowing catching up, one website and social platform at a time, and we want to make sure that web 3 is being built with accessibility in mind, from day 1. Our team, in its entirety, is committed to following our chief accessibility officer and board of advisor in this initiative towards an accessible web 3. As we encounter inaccessible products, services, and platforms, within the space, we will be encouraging them to level up their teams skillsets and knowledge or work with our chief of accessibility, James Warnken, to ensure they are doing their part to make the digital world, web 2 and web 3, accessible for everyone.

Work With James Warnken

if you are ready to do your part in making the digital world, web 2 and web 3, more accessible but aren’t quite sure how to approach it or don’t know where to begin, please schedule a FREE consultation with James Warnken, our chief of accessibility. James is a legally blind digital marketing and digital accessibility specialist who comes to the table with a very wide and deep background in the tech space. James is passionate about ensuring that all aspects of the business are designed and built to be inclusive for all people, with and without disabilities. So whether you want to learn how to build and design accessibly or want someone to guide and connect you through the process, James is you guy!

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