Founder’s Why

Why did we build Web3 Texas?

Imagine if we could travel back in time to the late 90’s when we were transitioning from Web1 to Web2.
What if we had the opportunity educate the millions of people that were getting ready to write their personal data (e.g., name, DoB, address, social security number, phone number, etc.) and financial data (e.g., payment card numbers, bank routing and account numbers, etc.).
Little did we know the risks of doing such a thing.
We weren’t able to foresee the hacks, breaches and digital identity thefts that were ahead of us, as data became the new digital gold.

Based on 2022 data breach statistics from DataProt, you can see that things have gotten a bit out of control:


Unfortunately, things aren’t getting any better as we move from Web2 to Web3.

As the saying goes: “New Web, Old Problems”
The same poor user behaviors which contributed to the below stats for Web2 – with poor password management, lack of two factor authentication and compromise via phishing messages, in the lead – are being carried into an even riskier environment: Web3.

With self-custody of digital assets and disintermediation (removing the middle-man e.g., a bank) being the center pieces of Web3, participants (consumers) are at an even greater risk :

But we view this point and time in history as a blessing. We have been given the opportunity to start anew.
With all of the lingering confusion, questions and fear/uncertainty/doubt (FUD) consumers are seeking education more than ever!
This is our time to strike.
To build meaningful education that is simplified, captivating and adaptive to truly enable the SAFE & INFORMED adoption of Web3.
This is where Web3 Texas steps in.

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